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Newsletter May 13th

Newsletter May 13th

Newsletter May 13th

14 May 2022


ew Movie - Firestarter 

We are big Stephen King fans here at the Eclipse  Bundoran. There's been lots of really good adaptations of the old masters books lately , It, Doctor Sleep, The Outsider etc. But this wasn't always the way. For every Shining and Carrie there were Needful Things and Maxim Overdrive.
The 1980s adaption of Firestarter was somewhere in between. Drew Barrymore was perfect casting as the sweet but dangerous Charlie. but it just didn't really work and had some bizarre casting.
Thankfully 2022s version is much better. The core of the story is the same. Some college kids who volunteered to take part in government experiments gain slight psychic powers , that take quite a physical toll.But when two of the college kids have a daughter together, the government become very interested.Especially when she starts to demonstrate very powerful abilities...
We've actually seen this already and thought it was great. Zac Efron and the rest of the actors are well cast. It takes the original and updates it without losing the spirit of the story. And it get's all that done in just 1 hour 30 too. I mean we love movies but not every movie needs to be a 3 hour epic :) 

New Movie - Father Stu

Mark Wallberg is back in Boston in this truth is stranger than fiction real life tale of Father Stu. Stuart Long a boxer and not a great one who had fallen into bad ways. Somehow against the odd he found religion and turned-priest who inspired countless people during his journey from self-destruction to redemption.
An all star cast are there to help (and hinder) him along the way including Mel Gibson, Jackie Weaver and Malcolm McDowell.

The Dark Knight Returns

This weeks special €5 Missed it Monday, is a return of one of cinemas favourite characters The Batman. After Christian Bale left very big bat-shoes to fill, The recent iterations of Batman have done less well - all though apparently we will see Batfleck again in the flash movie.
But this has proved a real return to form and Robert Pattinson's broody goth Bat was loved by bat-fans and the non-believers alike.
Throw in the excellent Zoe Kravitz's Catwoman, Paul Dano's conspiracy theorist Riddler and the unrecognisable Colin Farell and you've got over 150 minutes of action packed adventure. And we're giving this to you for just a FIVER ?
Holy Value Batman indeed !


Our friends Paramount Pictures have been really generous lately. Not only have they given us these amazing packs to give away for Sonic and The Lost city. They have now given us this stunning Top Gun Merch too. How to win it ...well stay tuned and find out next week when we preview this and An Cailín Ciúin  both of which got 5 star reviews in the papers this morning. 

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